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All That Jazz Dinner This Friday!

All That Jazz Dinner This Friday!



After dealing with ice, sleet, snow, and wind this week, how about ending it with dinner, fun, and a good cause: help raise money for the talented music students at Waukesha West High School?

The evening starts at 6pm at the Delafield Brewhaus with a performance by our Jazz students. This is followed by dinner (a little after 7:15pm), drinks with auction and raffle items to bid on. We still have seats available. You can claim your spot using this link. Be aware that you need to register before 6pm Friday.

We are also looking for wine donations. Donate bottles of wine with a value of $10 or more for our Wine and Spirit raffle. You can bring bottles to Delafield Brewhaus and hand them over when you check in. This raffle guarantees everyone wins a bottle.

We are not only looking for diners but the need volunteers exists for Friday night to be a success! If you have the time, sign up for one responsibility, and then enjoy the rest of the night. Here is a list of the needs and the time.

End the week on a positive, or start the weekend on a positive: celebrate with good music, food, drinks and friends this Friday evening at the Delafield Brewhaus – funds raised support our music students and programs at Waukesha West High School!

More details on the evening are available here.