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We offer many fundraisers throughout the year outside of our three major events (Fox River Invite, Homecoming Dinner and Flamingo Friday) which support either the general band fund or each student’s personal account. Money that goes into the general band fund is used to purchase equipment, instruments, music, marching band needs and other important items for the use by all of the bands at Waukesha West High School. Money in a student’s individual account is used to help fund his/her band trips, marching band fees and other miscellaneous expenses. Online Fundraising
When you shop on Amazon, simply visit Amazon’s site through this Shop Through link (link to Shop Through and at least 4% of your total purchase will come back to the band program. The Amazon program is simple, just click the link and shop normally, but be sure to complete your payment without closing your web browser, or the tracking will be lost. If you need to finish shopping later, just remember to return to this page and click the link again before checking out.
No special signup is required, but because of that, it is necessary to click the on the link some time during your shopping process before checkout in order to register the credit to the West Band program general fund. The shortcut link is Online Fundraising is another easy online fundraiser that generates money for our general band fund. Simply visit iGive and register for an account. After registering, you may purchase from any of the over 1000 online retailers they are partnered with and the band program will get back anywhere from 1% to around 12% of your total purchase.

Cherrydale Farms Fundraiser
At the beginning of the school year, students have the option of selling various gift and food items through Cherrydale Farms.  A percentage of each student’s sales will be deposited into his/her band account. 

Frozen Pizza Sale
Students are given the opportunity to sell pizza and other food items in January. Order forms will be provided to the students at school and 33% of sales will be deposited into the seller’s band account.

Spirit Wear
Spirit Wear items are sold to both marching and non-marching band members and fans throughout the fall season. We offer T-shirts, sweatshirts, sweat pants, jackets, duffle bags, stadium seats, accessories, and much more. Most items can be ordered with either the Cadets logo or the Waukesha West Bands logo. The first sale of Spirit Wear occurs in August and there are additional opportunities to order before the end of the marching season. A link to online orders will be given via the summer and fall marching band newsletters and periodic emails. All proceeds go to the general band account.

Poinsettia & Spring Flower Sale
The poinsettia sale offered just before the holidays benefits the students’ individual accounts. Students can earn between $2.00 and $6.50 per pot sold.

The spring flower and hanging pots sale is a fundraiser for the general band program.

Culver’s Nights
Four times throughout the school year, Culver’s on Sunset offers Waukesha West Bands 10% of all sales between 5:00 and 8:00 pm. Nights will be announced in the fall newsletter, through email and school announcements and at concerts. All proceeds will go to the general band account.