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2nd Annual Festival of Bands

2nd Annual Festival of Bands



The Second Annual Festival of Bands takes place Saturday January 20, 2023. This performance features bands students from Les Paul Middle School and Waukesha West High School. The concert is at the Waukesha West Field House and begins at 1:00pm.

We anticipate a large audience as we feature musicians across two schools and seven grades. 

Festival of Band Agenda:

8:30-9:30am: Setup in field house with high school volunteers, parents, and staff

9:30am: All high school students arrive 

  • High school students may arrive at the auditorium doors. Please get your music and instrument (leave your case in your band locker) and quietly head to the field house. ***Only high school students should enter the building by the music wing. Middle school students should only enter and exit through the pool-side doors. See map***

10am: High School dress rehearsal

10:45am: Middle School performers arrive

  • Middle school students need to arrive by pool doors. Students will be able to put their coats, and instrument cases in the room across the hall from the field house. Trends room on map***

11:15am: Full Ensemble dress rehearsal

  • Performers should listen carefully to directions from directors during this time! This will be our one and only combined band opportunity to practice the music.

11:45am: Middle School dress rehearsal & High School pizza lunch!

12:15-12:45 pm: Middle School pizza lunch!

  •  Carefully eat lunch so as to not spill on your performance clothes. Clean up, then return to the Field House for your concert!

12:45pm: Middle School clean up, parent volunteers clean up lunch, final setup

12:45pm: Jazz 2 Performs pre-concert music

1:00pm: Concert Starts

The performance order:

Pre-concert music – Jazz Ensemble 2
West High School Ensembles – National Anthem
Concert Band
7th Grade
Jazz Ensemble 1
6th Grade

– Intermission –
Popcorn, Snacks, Bake Sale and Ping-Pong Toss

Combined Performance
Symphonic Winds & Percussion
8th grade
Wind Ensemble
Combined Performance

Parents, we ask that you stay for the entirety of the performance.

After the performance we will need help moving chairs, stands, and percussion.

Bring cash as there is a bake along with exciting fundraiser opportunities for the bands like the Ping Pong Toss!

See you 1pm Saturday January 21st for a great concert at the Waukesha West Field House performed by your student/ family member!