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3 Bands 1 Family Bonfire

3 Bands 1 Family Bonfire



On Saturday November 27, the Waukesha West Cadets invited The Marching Blackshirts of Waukesha South High School and The Northstars of Waukesha North High School to a bonfire on the south side of Waukesha West High School. The gathering was called 3 Bands 1 Family. It allowed band members of all three schools along with parents, families and friends an opportunity to gather and express support to the Blackshirts of Waukesha South and the Waukesha community after the November 21, 2021 Waukesha Holiday Parade tragedy. 

From 3pm to 5pm Saturday November 27, about 200 students and adults from all three Waukesha High Schools along with representatives of Carroll University Marching Band gathered. 

Hot chocolate, cookies and snacks were available at the bonfire. Support dogs were there to comfort anyone that needed a good snuggle or hug. Another way to stay warm was to stay near the bonfire. Temperatures were in the 30s with a gusty wind and some flurries.

Many of the students in the three Waukesha high schools attended middle school and elementary school with students in other two high schools. It was a time to reconnect, give hugs, shed a tear or many, and acknowledge that the band community in Waukesha is strong and passionate with support and respect for all three marching bands.

It was a short period of time on Thanksgiving weekend that hopefully provided some measure of comfort as our community continues to mourn and heal.