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This Weekend’s Competitions

It’s a busy performance weekend for the Cadets! Here’s a brief recap of the schedule that was mailed out to parents earlier this week.

GREENDALE – Sept. 29th
11:15    Students arrive at West with uniforms and a packed lunch (or plan on having one delivered)
3:00    Run-through performance – parents are welcome and encouraged to come watch!
Chaperones and truck crew arrive
3:25    Students eat lunch and change, truck crew loads equipment
4:30    Buses depart West
7:00    The Cadets perform at Greendale High School (see “links and photos” tab for directions)
9:15     Awards
10:00  Depart Greendale
10:40   Arrive at West (Students may leave their uniforms at school)

OAK CREEK – Sept. 30th
11:45   Students arrive at West (eat brunch or lunch before arriving)
12:30  Chaperones arrive
12:40  Students change into uniforms
1:15     Buses depart West
4:15    The Cadets perform at Oak Creek High School (see “links and photos” tab for directions)
5:00   Awards
5:45   Depart Oak Creek
6:45   Arrive at West