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Flamingo Friday Volunteer Information

This event brings together many volunteers in the following areas. For more information, please contact Anne Rieckoff or Janet Gallo.

Donation solicitation: 10-20 people needed

  • at beginning of January solicit donations from area businesses and individuals
  • a list is provided as well as a donation letter
  • attend brief informational meeting with Janet to get solicitation materials
  • write & mail thank you notes to those on your list who donated

Donation pick-up 1 person

  • pick up donations from businesses that have agreed to donate an item, if the solicitor is unable to pick up the item

Wine Raffle Coordinator(s): 1-3 people needed

  • 1 of the coordinators gather wine donations prior to the event
  • set up and monitor wine raffle table the night of the event
  • sell wine corks and announce winning numbers
  • write and mail thank you notes to those who donated bottles of wine

Donation Basket Assembly: 5-6 people needed

  • On Sunday prior to the event, gather donations and create themed auction baskets.

Set up & decoration: 6-8 people needed

  • Auction item set up and decoration of the banquet hall at Delafield Brewhaus the morning of dinner/auction.  Approx. 8:00am -noon

Registration/ check in: 2 people needed

  • greet and check people in as they arrive the night of the event

50/50 Raffle coordinator(s): 1-2 people needed

  • sell 50/50 tickets and coordinate the raffle the night of the event

Heads and Tails Raffle coordinator(s): 1-2 people needed

  • collect money  and coordinate the heads and tail raffle the night of the event

Bucket Raffle Ticket sales

  • sell tickets for the bucket raffle the night of the event
  • pull winning tickets from buckets

Auction Item runners: 3-4 people needed

  • help present the auction winners with their prizes the night of the event

Check out: 4 people needed

  • total up cost of auction items and collect payment from people

Clean up: 6-8 people needed

  • gather decorations and clean up after the event