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Homecoming Dinner Volunteer Information

Soda and Chip Donations

Donations of soda and chips are accepted before the evening band rehearsals leading up to the Homecoming Dinner.  Look for the cart outside the auditorium doors.  Check the calendar for this year’s drop off dates.


Distribute printed flyers to elementary and middle schools in Waukesha, as well as businesses in the local neighborhood, mostly along Sunset Drive.

Making Desserts

We serve homemade desserts at the dinner.  Drop off dessert donations (1 per family) in a disposable container starting at 3:00 PM in the cafeteria on the afternoon of the dinner.

Volunteer Checkin Table

Direct volunteers to their area, give them nametags, check off who has arrived.

Kitchen Crew

Slice onions and tomatoes for burgers. Wash lettuce. Put condiments on trays. Replenish the food service line with potato salad, beans and chips. Start dishes.

Food Service

Four people are assigned per line. One handles buns, one handles hot dogs or hamburgers, one ladles beans and one ladles potato salad.

Desert Table

Cut and place desserts on plates for the dessert tables. Replenish desserts as needed.

Dining Room

Pick up trash and wipe down tables as people leave and others need seating.


Handle “at the door” purchases of dinner tickets. Stamp hands as people hand you their tickets.